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NACCHO is proud to host NACCHO360 2024 as a hybrid (in-person and livestreamed) event from July 23-26, 2024 in Detroit, MI. 

Held annually, NACCHO360 is the largest convening of local health department leaders and public health professionals in the United States, offering the opportunity to learn, network, and share experiences and best practices across local health departments.

Every year, public health professionals gather at the NACCHO360 Conference to share opportunities, challenges, best practices, and success stories; engage with federal, state, and local partners; and gain insights from public health experts. Attendees will learn from the experiences of colleagues and experts and adapt the knowledge into practice back at their organizations and local communities.

The 2024 NACCHO360 Annual Conference will also help local health officials envision the future of local public health in their communities and provide them with the essential skills and strategies to achieve that vision effectively and efficiently. This year’s conference theme, "Heard it Through the Grapevine: Public Health Partnerships, Collaboration, and Innovation" will explore how partnerships, both private and public, and collaboration can move public health forward, while implementing innovative and traditional approaches to restructure a system built to protect the health of communities nationwide.

As the first and longest running national public health conference, the NACCHO360 is the best place for you to gain the knowledge, resources, and relationships necessary to strengthen and improve the health of our communities.

Please email NACCHO360Reg@naccho.org or visit our FAQ page